Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mad, the Safety Ranger!

When I was a teenager, and using the 3000-question purity test as a checklist of fun new kinky things to try, the very last thing that I thought that I would ever do is tell anyone how to do anything that has to do with this cool kinky crap that I was just getting into. For the longest time, I used the “your kink is okay with me” excuse to never ever interfere in any scene or play that I had the good fortune to be near.

But call me Jay Wiseman, I have gotten to that point in my life where I’d like to be able to help people not make some of the stupid, stupid mistakes that I made in my sadomasochistic journey. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not pretending to be an expert. Just a very interested amateur who is hoping to share my research with others. Thus, Mad the Safety Ranger is born. Expect her to nag you in a friendly way on some hopefully interesting and drool-inducing topics.

I’m not sure what changed, really. Maybe I’ve gotten old. Or maybe I’ve just had the even better fortune to have encountered some wonderful people who are new and not so new to the “scene” who have shown me that all those years of playing around and learning everything I could possibly learn from anyone willing to show it/write it/ talk about it have given me a personal pool of knowledge that it would actually benefit others who are, like me, just trying to pick up more ways to turn rope, leather, steel, and that most wonderful toy of all: the mind into even more sexy, sexy fun!

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting some lovely young folk who made me feel both ancient and happy that there are more people who, like I was at that age, are just looking for ways to scratch that kinky, twisted itch that is so hard to put a name to. They though, have access to resources I had no idea existed. Among other things, they have found other kinky folks to learn from. And I’m honored to be one of those “other kinky folks”.

And I’m asking for all of your participation in this my new project. Those of you who are new to this fun schtuff, please, post a question, or ask for clarification, or leave a comment! Those of you who, like me, have been around the block a couple more times than we care to admit, lend me a hand! I am still at the very beginning of my adventures into this brave new kinky world. I am sure that I will leave things out. Please, add/correct or expand, and let’s see if we can’t share the wealth of knowledge that we worked(played) so “hard” to accrue!

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